Six Organizations Advancing The Rule of Law

American Bar Association - Rule of Law Initiative
Mission of organization: The ABA Rule of Law Initiative ("ROLI") is a public service project of the American Bar Association to promote the rule of law around the world.

Type of lawyer training: ROLI conducts lawyer training in other countries on trial advocacy skills, as well as panels on the rights of the accused in criminal trials. 

Additional information may be found at the ABA website.

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Contact: ACTL Fellow Norm Sepenuk,

Center_For International_Studies

Center for International Legal Studies (CILS)

Mission of Organization:  To promote and disseminate knowledge among members of the international legal community, in part through its Visiting Professors program whereby Senior Lawyers are placed at cooperating law schools in eastern Europe and the former republics of the Soviet Union for short-term visiting professorships of two to six weeks in duration.

Additional information may be found at the CILS website.
Additional information on the Visiting Professors program can be found here.

Contact:  ACTL Fellow Tom Pope,
International Senior Lawyers' Project

Mission of organization: It provides pro bono services of highly skilled and experienced lawyers to promote the rule of law worldwide, and to assist governments, non-governmental organizations and other institutions working to build legal capacity and to advance the rights and well-being of their citizens.

Type of lawyer training: It engages in problem specific training in civil and criminal procedure, in groups of various sizes. It trains lawyers in Liberia, Tanzania, Haiti, Mongolia, and other countries in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. Length of training is from one week to four months.

Additional information may be found at the International Senior Lawyers' Project website

Contact: Katherine Mulhern, Executive Director,


Lawyers Without Borders
Mission of organization: To provide legal support to rule of law projects and intitiatives around the world. It is committed to a position of neutrality in the countries in which it operates.

Type of lawyer training: It provides NITA type trial advocacy training concerning all aspects of a trial from start to finish to lawyers in East and West Africa and Eastern Europe. It has both 3 and 5 day programs.

Additional information may be found at the Lawyers Without Borders website.

Contact: Christina M. Storm, Executive Director,


War Child Canada

Mission of organization: To work with war-affected communities to help children who are adversely affected by war.

Type of lawyer training: It is engaged in training of lawyers in Uganda and other African countries to reduce the suffering of children in war torn countries, and to bring them justice. Length of lawyer training is from five to ten days

Additional information can be found at the War Child Canada website.

Contact: ACTL Fellow Mike Eizenga,


ACCESO Capacitacion (Spanish Speakers Required)

Mission of organization: To train lawyers and judges in Spanish in criminal procedure to advance the rule of law in Central and South American countries. Training takes place at Cal Western Law School in San Diego, California, or by special arrangement in the foreign country of origin of the trainee advocates.

Type of lawyer training: Trial advocacy training (all in Spanish) to Spanish speaking lawyers from Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, through its Litigation Skills Academy, including opening, direct, cross, closing, use of experts, oral advocacy, negotiation, and arbitration. Both three and five day programs are available.

Additional information may be found at the Accesso Capacitacion website.

Contact: ACTL Fellow Bob Grimes,