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Contributions to the Foundation may be made online through our partnership with Canada Helps, or by sending a check to the National Office.  Thank you for your support of our mission.

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Directors of the Foundation

Image of Patricia D. S. (Trisha) Jackson, LSM

Patricia D. S. (Trisha) Jackson, LSM


Image of Douglas Mitchell

Douglas Mitchell

Vice President

Image of Mona T. Duckett, Q.C.

Mona T. Duckett, Q.C.


Image of Bernard Amyot, Ad. E.

Bernard Amyot, Ad. E.


Image of J. Bruce Carr-Harris, LSM

J. Bruce Carr-Harris, LSM


Image of Eric Durnford, Q.C.

Eric Durnford, Q.C.


Image of Sandra A. Forbes

Sandra A. Forbes


Image of A. Blair Graham, Q.C.

A. Blair Graham, Q.C.


Image of Ian Francis Kelly, Q.C.

Ian Francis Kelly, Q.C.


Image of Gordon J. Kuski, Q.C.

Gordon J. Kuski, Q.C.


Image of Ralph I. Lancaster, Jr.

Ralph I. Lancaster, Jr.


Image of Charles A. LeBlond, Q.C.

Charles A. LeBlond, Q.C.


Image of Allan R. O'Brien

Allan R. O'Brien


Image of David W. Scott, O.C., Q.C.

David W. Scott, O.C., Q.C.


Image of Jack Major, C.C., Q.C., S.C.C.

Jack Major, C.C., Q.C., S.C.C.

Honourary Chair

Ties and Scarves

Celebrate your Fellowship in the American College of Trial Lawyers by wearing a College-themed tie or scarf.  The compelling "hermit and horse" design was created by Former Regent John S. Siffert, and evokes the Induction Charge read to all Fellows:

"We know that your attainment of the front ranks of the bar has not been without its costs, and we recognize that our specialty exacts much of those who win its favor.  Truly, we are, in Lord Eldon's words, the hermit and the horse."

Articles are sold at cost with a small increment going entirely to the Foundation. 


Emil Gumpert Award

The Emil Gumpert Award is funded by the Foundation.  The Award recognizes programs, whether public or private, whose principal purpose is to maintain and improve the administration of justice.  Learn more about the Emil Gumpert Award.

Giving Levels

The following giving levels are recognized by the Foundation. Cumulative gifts at the Patron level and above are acknowledged in the College Roster (Blue Book).

Chancellor $50,000 and above
Governor $25,000-$49,999
Ambassador $10,000-$24,999
Leader $5,000-$9,999
Patron $1,000-$4,999
Sponsor $500-$999
Fellow $1-$499

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