Saskatchewan Province Committee

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Committee Members

Image of Aaron A. Fox, K.C.

Aaron A. Fox, K.C.


McDougall Gauley LLP

Regina, SK

Image of Mark Brayford, K.C.

Mark Brayford, K.C.

Vice Chair

Brayford Shapiro

Saskatoon, SK

Image of Dennis P. Ball

Dennis P. Ball


Image of James S. Ehmann, K.C.

James S. Ehmann, K.C.


Kanuka Thuringer LLP

Regina, SK

Image of Christine J. Glazer, K.C.

Christine J. Glazer, K.C.


McKercher LLP Barristers & Solicitors

Saskatoon, SK

Image of Gordon J. Kuski, K.C.

Gordon J. Kuski, K.C.


McDougall Gauley LLP

Regina, SK

Image of Douglas C. Hodson, K.C.

Douglas C. Hodson, K.C.

Immediate Past Chair

MLT Aikins LLP

Saskatoon, SK

Image of Robert T. Adams

Robert T. Adams


Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.

Kansas City, MO