Former Regents

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Former Regents

Image of Robert P. Armstrong, Q.C.

Robert P. Armstrong, Q.C.

Former Regent

Arbitration Place

Toronto, ON

Image of John P. Arness

John P. Arness

Former Regent

Hogan Lovells US LLP

Image of Paul D. Bekman

Paul D. Bekman

Former Regent

Bekman, Marder & Adkins, LLC

Baltimore, MD

Image of Ritchie E. Berger

Ritchie E. Berger

Former Regent

Dinse P.C.

Burlington, VT

Image of Patricia C. Bobb

Patricia C. Bobb

Former Regent

Patricia C. Bobb & Associates

Chicago, IL

Image of Albert D. Brault

Albert D. Brault

Former Regent

Brault Graham, LLC

Rockville, MD

Image of Spencer J. Brown

Spencer J. Brown

Former Regent

Deacy & Deacy, LLP

Kansas City, MO

Image of Robert R. Campbell

Robert R. Campbell

Former Regent

Image of John L. Cooper

John L. Cooper

Former Regent

Farella Braun + Martel LLP

San Francisco, CA

Image of Brian P. Crosby

Brian P. Crosby

Former Regent

Gibson, McAskill & Crosby, LLP

Buffalo, NY

Image of Michel Decary, Q.C., Ad. E.

Michel Decary, Q.C., Ad. E.

Former Regent

BCF Business Law

Montreal, QC

Image of Charles H. Dick, Jr.

Charles H. Dick, Jr.

Former Regent


San Diego, CA

Image of Bruce W. Felmly

Bruce W. Felmly

Former Regent

McLane Middleton, P.A.

Manchester, NH

Image of Wayne Fisher

Wayne Fisher

Former Regent

Fisher, Boyd, Johnson & Huguenard, LLP

Houston, TX

Image of Kathleen Flynn Peterson

Kathleen Flynn Peterson

Former Regent

Ciresi Conlin LLP

Minneapolis, MN

Image of L. Yves Fortier, PC, CC, OQ, QC, Ad.E, LLD

L. Yves Fortier, PC, CC, OQ, QC, Ad.E, LLD

Former Regent

Cabinet Yves Fortier c/o IMK s.e.n.c.r.l. LLP

Montreal, QC

Image of Paul T. Fortino

Paul T. Fortino

Former Regent

Perkins Coie LLP

Portland, OR

Image of Louis W. Fryman

Louis W. Fryman

Former Regent

Image of Phillip R. Garrison

Phillip R. Garrison

Former Regent

Image of Robert A. Goodin

Robert A. Goodin

Former Regent

Goodin, MacBride, Squeri & Day, LLP

San Francisco, CA

Image of Frank N. Gundlach

Frank N. Gundlach

Former Regent

Image of Trudie Ross Hamilton

Trudie Ross Hamilton

Former Regent

Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey LLP

Waterbury, CT

Image of William T. Hangley

William T. Hangley

Former Regent

Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller

Philadelphia, PA

Image of Thomas M. Hayes III

Thomas M. Hayes III

Former Regent

Hayes, Harkey, Smith & Cascio, L.L.P.

Monroe, LA

Image of David J. Hensler

David J. Hensler

Former Regent

Hogan Lovells US LLP

Washington, DC

Image of Paul J. Hickey

Paul J. Hickey

Former Regent

Hickey & Evans

Cheyenne, WY

Image of John J. L. Hunter

John J. L. Hunter

Former Regent

Court of Appeal for British Columbia

Vancouver, BC

Image of Christy D. Jones

Christy D. Jones

Former Regent

Butler Snow LLP

Ridgeland, MS

Image of William J. Kayatta, Jr.

William J. Kayatta, Jr.

Former Regent

U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit

Portland, ME

Image of Philip J. Kessler

Philip J. Kessler

Former Regent

Hoffman & Kessler LLP

New York, NY

Image of Michael F. Kinney

Michael F. Kinney

Former Regent

Cassem, Tierney, Adams, Gotch & Douglas

Omaha, NE

Image of Thomas R. Lemon

Thomas R. Lemon

Former Regent

Miner & Lemon

Warsaw, IN

Image of W. Francis Marion, Jr.

W. Francis Marion, Jr.

Former Regent

Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A.

Greenville, SC

Image of John S. Martel

John S. Martel

Former Regent

Farella Braun + Martel LLP

San Francisco, CA

Image of Paul S. Meyer

Paul S. Meyer

Former Regent

Paul S. Meyer Law Offices P.C.

Costa Mesa, CA

Image of Edward W. Mullins, Jr.

Edward W. Mullins, Jr.

Former Regent

Image of Elizabeth N. Mulvey

Elizabeth N. Mulvey

Former Regent

Crowe & Mulvey LLP

Boston, MA

Image of Anthony Murray

Anthony Murray

Former Regent

Image of James T. Murray, Jr.

James T. Murray, Jr.

Former Regent

von Briesen & Roper, s.c.

Milwaukee, WI

Image of C. Rufus Pennington III

C. Rufus Pennington III

Former Regent

Coker Law

Atlantic Beach, FL

Image of Daniel E. Reidy

Daniel E. Reidy

Former Regent

Jones Day

Chicago, IL

Image of Edward J. Rice, Jr.

Edward J. Rice, Jr.

Former Regent

Adams and Reese LLP

New Orleans, LA

Image of William H. Sandweg III

William H. Sandweg III

Former Regent

Sandweg & Ager, P.C.

Phoenix, AZ

Image of James P. Schaller

James P. Schaller

Former Regent

Image of Stephen G. Schwarz

Stephen G. Schwarz

Former Regent

Faraci Lange, LLP

Rochester, NY

Image of John S. Siffert

John S. Siffert

Former Regent

Lankler Siffert & Wohl LLP

New York, NY

Image of Tom Slutes

Tom Slutes

Former Regent

Slutes, Sakrison & Rogers, P.C.

Tucson, AZ

Image of Robert G. Stachler

Robert G. Stachler

Former Regent

Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

Cincinnati, OH

Image of James F. Stapleton

James F. Stapleton

Former Regent

James F. Stapleton, Arbitrator & Mediator

Trumbull, CT

Image of Dennis R. Suplee

Dennis R. Suplee

Former Regent

Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP

Philadelphia, PA

Image of Robert W. Tarun

Robert W. Tarun

Former Regent

Image of Kathleen M. Trafford

Kathleen M. Trafford

Former Regent

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP

Columbus, OH

Image of John H. Tucker

John H. Tucker

Former Regent

Rhodes, Hieronymus, Jones, Tucker & Gable

Tulsa, OK

Image of Robert K. Warford

Robert K. Warford

Former Regent

Riverside, CA

Image of Robert E. Welsh, Jr.

Robert E. Welsh, Jr.

Former Regent

Welsh & Recker, P.C.

Philadelphia, PA

Image of Sharon M. Woods

Sharon M. Woods

Former Regent

Barris, Sott, Denn & Driker, P.L.L.C.

Detroit, MI