This page is made available, upon request, to individuals registered for the American College of Trial Lawyers' Boot Camp Trial Training Programs.

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Interim Guidelines prepared by the Advocacy in the 21st Century Committee, including information on how to conduct remote video depositions and remote non-jury trials.

Boot Camp Written Materials


Silent Advocacy: A Practical Primer for the Trial Attorney

George J. Lavin, Jr. and Chilton Davis Varner, FACTL
Anatomy of a Trial: A Handbook for Young Lawyers
Paul Mark Sandler, FACTL
Chapter 4, Anatomy of a Trial, 2d Ed.
©2014 by the American Bar Association. Reprinted with permission.
All rights reserved. "Anatomy of a Trial" can be purchased at Author takes no royalties.
The Deposition Handbook, Revised Fifth Edition
Dennis R. Suplee, FACTL and Nicole Reimann
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Biographical Sketches of Great Trial Lawyers in History - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 The Fine Art of Trial Advocacy – A young Lawyers Resource For Success,
Paul Mark Sandler; ©2021 by the American Bar Association. Reprinted with permission.
All rights reserved. The book can be purchased at Shop.ABA.Org.