ACTL Podcast: Episode 2 now available

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We hope you enjoyed the first episode of the new College Podcast, Reaching Your Full Potential with Joan Lukey, that aired last week. If you haven't listened yet, Episode 1, and this week's new episode, Seeking Justice with Rusty Hardin, are both now available for download. You can listen anytime, just log onto the podcast player/app of your choice and download or stream at your convenience.

Season 1. Episode 2: Seeking Justice with Rusty Hardin, launched today, October 14 and is now available on Apple iTunes, Spotify and more.

Renowned trial attorney Rusty Hardin has fought for justice in some of the nation's highest-profile cases. Join host Dave Paul for a wide-ranging discussion into some of Rusty’s biggest cases and hear his thoughts on the two biggest mistakes most trial attorneys make. His insightful take on why he refuses to take depositions and how he approaches jury selection may make you re-evaluate your own trial tactics.

Additional episodes from Season 1 launch Thursdays at 6 am. If you're active on social media, we would love for you to share the news by liking, following and sharing our podcast. We hope you enjoy listening!