1989-Report on Punitive Damages of the Committee on Special Problems in the Administration of Justice
1993-A Proposal for the Application of Liability Under Civil Rico
1994-Standards and Procedures for Determining the Admissibility of Expert Evidence After Daubert
1997-Law of Evidence in Federal Sentencing Proceedings Annual Roster and By-Laws
1998-Report on Fair Trial of High Profiles Cases
2000-Report and Proposal on Section 5K1.1 of the US Sentencing Guidelines
2000-Report of the Importance of the Twelve-Member Civil Jury in the Federal Courts
2001-Report of the Legal Ethics Committee of the American College of Trial Lawyers on Duties of Confidentiality
2002-Opinions Hidden, Citations Forbidden: A Report and Recommendations of the American College of Trial Lawyers on the Publication and Citation of Nonbinding Federal Circuit Court Opinons
2003-Report on Military Commissions for the Trial of Terrorists
2003-Proposed Codification of Disclosure of Favorable Information Under Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 11 and 16
2004-United States Sentencing Guidelines 2004 - An Experiment that Has Failed
2005-Amendment of Model Rule 1.6 Progress or a Step Backward
2005-Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure Regarding Rules of Evidence 404, 408, 606(B), and 609(A)(2)
2005-Indicting Corporations Revisited Lessons of the Arthur Anderson Prosecution
2005-Civil Remedies for Victims of Terrorism in the United States Courts
2005-Supplemental Report on Military Commissions for the Trial of Terrorists
2005-The "Vanishing Trial": The College, The Profession, The Civil Justice System
2005-ICC Report The Prosecution of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide
2006-Mass Tort Litigation Manual
2007-Judicial Compensation
2009-Canadian Codes of Conduct for Trial Lawyers Involved in Civil Litigation Involving Unrepresented Litigants
2016-2016 Spring Meeting CLE Materials - It's All A Matter of Proportion
2017-White Paper on Campus Sexual Assault Investigations
2017-White Paper on Support for Public Indigent Defense