Feb 2020 eBulletin Issue 24 Lepfosky Letter


In President Young's letter, he referenced David Lepofsky, recipient of the 2020 Samuel E. Gates Litigation Award, thanking the College. Below is the complete text of the letter he sent to the College after the 2020 Spring Meeting in Tucson.
From the bottom of our hearts, Jill and I want to send you, as well as the incredible leadership, staff and membership of the American College of Trial Lawyers, a massive thank you for honouring me at the College’s phenomenal Tucson conference. To be selected for such an honour as the Samuel Gates Award by such an extraordinary group of courtroom lawyers is simply overwhelming.

Your including me in your conference’s compelling array of speakers, next to whom I feel I pale in comparison,  was the daunting kind of challenge that drives me to try to be my very best. I am especially indebted to you for giving me a chance to share with such an influential and talented audience an agenda for making the litigation and court process barrier-free for court participants with disabilities.

I have had the opportunity to attend many, many law conferences. Yours ranks among the finest I have experienced in over three decades. I want to also express our appreciation for the very thoughtful added touches that you provided for me, including the braille on the award itself and the braille copies of the conference program and banquet proceedings. We will cherish the award in our home and will display it with immense pride.

The conference’s tremendous intellectual stimulation, combined with a warm and welcoming camaraderie from everyone we met and the spectacular location, would have been a wonderful experience at any time. It is even more the case in light of the earth-shaking events related to Covid-19 that have engulfed us all since then.

You should be very proud of your tremendous organization. It was a real privilege to be able to take part in your activities. If an occasion arises whereby Jill and I could ever assist you and your organization in the future in some way, or if you ever make it to Toronto and have time for us to share a visit with you, we would welcome the opportunity.

We intended to write you earlier but have been immersed in coping with the Corona ordeal, as we have been in self-isolation since shortly after returning from Arizona. We wish you all safety and good health in coping with the crisis in which we all now find ourselves.